Tango Software and Services for the Auto Industry

Executive Summary

Tango has been developing marketing software tools for the automotive industry since 1989. Our strength is to combine our knowledge of the automotive industry with the use of technology. We are committed to delivering efficient, affordable solutions to our clients. Our products and services enhance the ability of automotive dealers, factories and third party companies to follow-up with their customers and prospects, and help them reach the ultimate goal: sell more, make more profit, from highly satisfied customers.

The Team

Our success in today's competitive marketplace is due in large part to our customers. We owe our growth to their continued support. We pride ourselves in being partners with our clients, creating a synergy that results in solutions that are beyond expectations. This synergy also increases the knowledge of our team. Our employees have 3 different levels of expertise; the expertise of technology, the expertise of the automotive industry and management expertise. Thus providing Tango Software with innovative capabilities.


Our mission is to deliver software systems and services, tailored to the different needs and reality of the automotive dealership by providing tools with scalable complexity based on the needs of the individuals.


Tango Software Inc. is a canadian corporation based in Montreal. The company's mission is to address fundamental problems related to the use of technology in car dealerships. Mr. Charron started his career with General Electric - Computer Services Division as a Technical Advisor, supporting mainly Reynolds and Reynolds. He started Tango Software in 1989, focusing on the needs of the automotive industry. With now several years of experience working closely with car dealers, he has been participating in the development of Tango Next Generation, VIP, WhoZup and eCapture, and has been contributing to most of the technology being used by Tango Data Services.